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            We Play Hard!
                  We Play Tough!
                        We Play Together!

Mission Statement

Kandoo Baseball Club is dedicated to enriching the nation through innovation and excellence in youth development on and off the field. Positive training through athletics, academics, community service and social development. We play hard, we play tough, we play together.

Kandoo Baseball Club

Kandoo Baseball Teams

At Kandoo Baseball, it’s not about us. It’s about the players and their development on and off the field... 6U to 18U

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Sponsorship Opportunities

As a trusted and valued member of the baseball community, you are invited to join the sponsors of Kandoo Baseball Club.

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Baseball Training

Teaching proper fundamentals, love of the game and life lessons. We develop the whole ball player.

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Play like a Champion... Talent Wins Games. But Teamwork Wins Championships!

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Kandoo Baseball Club - Major League Partners

The Kandoo Baseball Club is an entirely self-sustaining organization. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous contributions.

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Kandoo Baseball Club 9U 2015-2016 Season Achievements

We promote the concepts which make the game of baseball so great, but we also develop building blocks of teamwork, physical fitness, nutrition, education, sportsmanship, competition, fair play, tradition, respect, hard work and positive attitude.

Making the Grade

It is about building young players who strive to do better each time, whether they are taking the field, entering the classroom or serving their community. We develop a power athlete with lifelong skills to become a major league person!

The 11 Components of Baseball Player Discipline

COMMITMENT is when we make a decision and follow through understanding the consequences. Without commitment we cannot have discipline and without discipline we cannot have commitment.

Kandoo Baseball Cheers

Brad & Dana Scharf
“Coach Hemenway, We just wanted to thank you for the last 4 years of being an awesome coach. You have dedicated so much of your time and energy to these boys, and it really shows. Not only has Zac developed much stronger baseball skills, he's learned the value of working hard, doing your best, and what teamwork really means... We are all-in with your vision of Kandoo Baseball.”
Rob & Kim Mangini
“We combine both strong work habits, and a competitive spirit as one. It has made our son grow more then my wife and I ever thought possible for a boy his age. In our world, team-wins and losses matter in both directions. We can honestly say that our club has been a big reason that our son is turning into a leader, and a fine young man, who is being trained to look adults in the eye every day.”
Doug & Ann Boeding
“The lessons and skills that our son has developed being a part of this amazing club team extend far beyond the baseball field. Our son has not only developed as a baseball player over the past two years but has also learned discipline, teamwork, respect, leadership, humility and the value of working hard at something he loves. All traits that will help shape him into a better person in his formative years. The comradery, friendships and memories that he has created with his teammates are ones that he will look back on and treasure for a lifetime. We, as parents, could not have asked for a better environment for our child to learn these valuable lessons both on and off the field and feel extremely blessed to be a part of this development process.”
Kandoo Baseball Club
Fundraiser 2016
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Kandoo Baseball is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction as provided by the United States Tax Code.